Keith’s Book Club

Are you interested in knowing what books Keith likes to read?

Each quarter, Keith will be featuring his recommended reading list. Each book will broaden your perspective and offer insight on a variety of issues individuals find themselves faced with on a daily basis. Keith has personally read each book and now wants to share them with you!

Timeless Thoughts for Today

Napolean Hill’s Timeless Thoughts for Today
pairs Dr. Hill’s Philosophy with actions that will move
you toward sucess. I suggest that you try a few, keep
a log, and watch your success rate grow. Without the action
step, you are missing the master key to your dreams.

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A Year of Growing Rich 52 Steps to Achieve Life’s Goals

Napoleon Hill’s A Year of Growing Rich
summarizes the purpose of life. It encourages
you to motivate yourself to achieve success by overcoming
the defeats and adversities that will stand in your way.

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